Literature in the Elementary Classroom
As a class we will be building a wiki of literature that can be used in the elementary classroom. You will be reviewing two books for this site. You will write a review for each book. We will make one page for each of the books.


Your Review will Include:
All original material.
An analysis of a literary element
Bibliographic data.
A summary of the book.
A review of the book.
An author bio
Related links.

Analysis of literay elements:
In this section, you will closely analyze one of the following literary elements:
1) theme,
2) plot development,
3) character development
4) writing style
5) illustrations
Provide one or two claims about this element.
Next, give specific examples from the text as evidence to support your claim while explaining how the author has developed or “crafted’ this element.
Then present the implications of your claim(s).

For example, explain how the crafting of the particular feature contributes to the quality of the book. How is the presentation of this element especially appealing or significant to children (or to the reader)? Consider the development, interests, and backgrounds of all children, but give a specific example or two.

Examples of wiki posts:
Child Lit Wiki
Nutmeg Wiki
Children's Books