Biographical data
Title: A Children’s Book About BEING BULLIED
Author: Joy Berry
Publisher:Grolier Enterprises, 1991
Reading level: 5 years old

Author biography

Joy Berry is a highly successful, pioneering educator and child development specialist. She is also the bestselling author of Joy Berry books for children with more than 250 titles and 85 million copies of her books sold. Joy Berry's message has always been the same: Empower children by helping them become responsible so they can have the control over the lives that they want and need.
She joined The Tree House Club to better understand kids. While a member, she discovered who children really are and what they really want and need to learn. And so together, Joy and the boy began teaching classes on practical subjects such as money management and time management. Joy discovered that the materials needed to teach children living skills were non-existent and she began filling the void by creating and developing materials that speak directly to children about everyday life issues.
Joy is a frequent media guest and speaker. She has been on many national television shows, and has been featured in national magazines and newspapers. She has spoken at book publishing, library, toy and bookseller associations in the US and abroad. She also speaks at national education and parent/ teacher's associations.
Joy Berry has a lifetime teaching credential as well as an administrative credential. She holds advanced degrees in Human Development and Education.
This is an elementary book that talks about the reasons why children become bullies and ways in what children that are being bullied can deal with it. One of the main reasons why children bully is because they feel inferior so they need to act tough to get to the other kids level or better. Also some other kids become bullies because they need attention or because they feel frightened. There are many reasons why children become bullies but there are also some ways that this book shows as about how to deal with it. Being kind to bullies might help. If it doesn’t help staying away from them is the next option. Another option the book talks about is to not look at them or listen or respond, if children don’t pay attention to them, if less likely that bullies are going to bother them. The last option the book gives to handle bullies is to talk about it with your parents, baby sitter or teacher they are defiantly a good option for help.
Book review
I think this book it’s pretty interesting because it gives elementary kids a clear image of how they should deal with bullies, and how if you handle it the right way it can be fixed soon. This book can teach children more about bullying and how bullies behave and why they do what they do.
Literary elements analysis
This book is trying to show children reasons why children bully, and it also shows how to deal with this. This message is transmitted to the readers with very clear illustrations. By looking at the pictures you get the point that the author is trying to give. It’s perfect for elementary students since the illustration and the text are very simple straight to the point.