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Maisie Hutt
A Pocket for Corduroy

Publisher: Puffin Books
Price: USA $3.99
ISBN: 0-14-050352-8

Summary: In this book, there is a little girl named Lisa who goes to the Laundromat with her mother and her stuffed bear named Corduroy. While Lisa does laundry, Corduroy gets the idea into his head that he wants a pocket for his overalls so he looks in piles of clothes around the Laundromat for a pocket. When Lisa is done doing her laundry, she cannot find Corduroy anywhere so she reluctantly leaves without him. Corduroy continues to search for a pocket throughout the night but never finds one. The next morning, Lisa returns to the Laundromat to retrieve Corduroy and when she finds him she asks him where he was. He tells her he was looking for a pocket and Lisa sews him a pocket for his overalls.

Review: I, like so many others, love this book. This book is a sequel to the original Corduroy book, and it’s just as heartwarming and sweet as ever. I like that you don’t need to read the first book to understand the second. I love the pictures and the adventures that Corduroy goes on in the Laundromat. The illustrations are special because Don Freeman is an artist as well as the author. It makes the book come to life with details and the reader can see what is happening in the story without even reading the words. I like that Lisa loves and cares for Corduroy so much that she goes back to find him and then makes him happy by sewing him a pocket. I love the theme of friendship portrayed through a little girl and her stuffed bear. It is the perfect book for any age group, especially for the pre-school age through first grade.

Analysis of Literary Elements: The theme in A Pocket for Corduroy is important to analyze. The theme is friendship. Corduroy and Lisa are the very best of friends as shown through their interactions with one another. Lisa is very fond of her bear Corduroy as shown on page 1 with the line “As always on such trips Lisa carried along her toy bear, Corduroy.” Lisa and Corduroy are inseparable friends. When Lisa comes back to the Laundromat and finds Corduroy, she shouts “Yes, yes! He’s my best friend!” This proves that Lisa loves Corduroy and missed him dearly. The theme of friendship contributes to the quality of the book because it makes it a happy story for readers to read. The fact that Corduroy got lost and was found again strengthened his bond with Lisa. The friendship theme is significant in respect to children because everyone needs to know what it means to have a friend and to be a friend in return. In the early years, students are learning all about their peers and who they have the most in common with. Some of the best friendships start out in the early years and last a lifetime. Friendships are something that people form their whole lives.

Author Biography: Don Freeman was many things besides being the author of A Pocket for Corduroy. He was an artist, an illustrator and a cartoonist. Don Freeman was born in San Diego, California, August 11, 1908 and grew up as an orphan. In his later years, he graduated from the Principia High School in St. Louis, Missouri and studied etching in college. Don Freeman worked as a painter in New York City for years where he sketched pictures of the people, sights and streets. He began illustrating children's books in 1951 with his wife, who is also an artist. He completed 20 children's books throughout his life and although he illustrated many, he is best known for the Corduroy series.

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