Author: Wanda Gag

Bibliographic Data:
Reading Level: Ages 2-5

Hardcover: 40 Pages
Publisher: University of Minnesota Press

Illustrated: Wanda Gag
Hardcover: 14.95
Language: English
ISBN- 9780816644162

Author Biography:
Wanda Gag is the author of "The Abc Bunny," which was nominated for a Newbery award in 1934. Gag is best known for her book Millions of Cats which won the Newbery Honor. The creation of "The Abc Bunny," was a family affair. Her sister Flavia composed the song "ABC song." and her brother Howard penning the lettering, while Wanda wrote and illustrated the story. Wanda was born in 1893 in Minnesota and died in 1946.

"The Abc Bunny" about an accident with an apple that takes the Bunny from Bunnyland to elsewhere. every letter in the alphabet is represented in the book and each letter represents something on the Bunny's journey. For example, she writes H for hail, and shows the bunny in a hailstorm. another example would be L for lizard look how lazy, which is an animal he meets on his journey. Ever letter connects to the Bunny's journey. Here is the ABC Song:

"The Abc Bunny," is a great book for children learning the alphabet. It is great because for every letter given their is a word that starts off with the letter. The story flows and relates to the whole theme of the text about a little bunny who goes on a journey. The song written by Wag's sister is also great because after reading the book, you can play the song. The song is very catchy and will help the students learn the alphabet. It is a great book for a kindergarten classroom.

Analysis of Literary Element:
Bringing this book into my future classroom will benefit the students. It will be another way to teach them the alphabet rather than just singing the ABC song. It is an exciting book about a bunny's journey from leaving Bunnytown and making his way back. It keeps the students interested and wondering if the bunny will make it back home. The use of the alphabet by using examples of words is another way for students to become familiar with words they may not know. This is a great book for beginners when learning the alphabet!